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Ouzinkie Church Foundation Project

Updated: Apr 2

Nativity of Our Lord Russian Orthodox Church
Nativity of Our Lord Russian Orthodox Church

Spruce Island Development Corporation (SIDCO) has an ongoing project for the repair and restoration of the Nativity of Our Lord Church in Ouzinkie. The church was constructed in 1906, and it was still sitting on the original wood pilling and planks from 117 years ago which caused structural damage. It has a historically and spiritually significance to many, and it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as well as the Russian Orthodox Sacred Sites in Alaska (ROSSIA).

Jake, ONC VP of Operations, requested $180,000 from Rasmuson Foundation to assist with repairs. This was awarded and helped go towards the cost of materials needed for repairs and replacement, the cost of labor for the duration of the repairs, and the transport of materials, workers, and equipment to and from Ouzinkie by barge and the Alaska Marine Highway System.

In terms of funding the project, the Ouzinkie Native Corporation (ONC) matched funds attained through Rasmuson Foundation’s faith-based grant program. Additional funding was raised through SIDCO when ONC sent out a fund-raising letter for donations to all villages, corporations, and regional corps in the Kodiak area. Rasmuson provided a 100% match to donation amounts raised.

ONC $221K, SIDCO $25K, and another $16K from other sources. The total expense for the project was $440K. Bryant Contractors replaced the foundation which had to be done according to the Historical Preservation specifications and regulations.

The next project will be to install the church gutters. Bernie of Bernie Brothers in Kodiak has taken on the project, and this should be accomplished prior to the snowfall.

New Icons of St. Herman will be placed in significant locations this spring. One will be placed in front of the church, and another on the beach where the pilgrimage begins to Monks Lagoon. Alex Miller from Holy Archangel Candles is overseeing the creation of the Icons and Cupola (“dome” on top of the church). The ONC Board of Directors chose a hand-painted Icon to commission, which will also open some unique options not available with prints. The Icons ordered are two 4ft x 6ft icons hand painted on

wood shipped from the east coast.

If you are interested in donating to the project, donations can be sent to:

Ouzinkie Church Foundation Repair Project

Spruce Island Development Corporation

11001 O’Malley Centre Dr. #103

Anchorage, AK

Or contact:

Jake Garner

VP of Operations


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