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Natural Creative Passion: Wisdom and Cultural Preservation

Wisdom and Culture
Wisdom and Culture

The isolated southwest community of Ouzinkie, Alaska, has a rich cultural tradition and heritage. Preserving and celebrating these traditions fosters a sense of identity and pride among the community. Cultural events and traditional practices serve as a unifying force, bringing young and old together to share and learn from each other.

The people of Ouzinkie are not fixated on winning a prize or appearing successful, but instead they are pursuing wisdom and culture in their natural creative passions where they have discovered the fulfillment that comes with living by their cultural instincts. This sets them apart. In this atmosphere, the youth will not be comfortable being anything less than what they were created to be.

The leadership of Ouzinkie looks to reflect all of the

concerns of their people.

The elders of Ouzinkie know that those who arrogantly think they have all the answers haven’t lived long enough to confront all the questions. But they also know that the fear of failure will stunt the growth of the young people in Ouzinkie and extinguish their creative spark. In this village there is wisdom among the elders. They are placing emphasis on knowledge, wisdom, inner strength, character, and tenacity. They have been building this inside their young people and their culture.

One of the primary needs of Ouzinkie is the support for historical and cultural preservation initiatives. The community needs resources to document and record oral histories, traditional practices, and stories passed down through generations. This documentation is crucial in ensuring that the knowledge and traditions of the Alutiiq people are not lost and can be shared with future generations.

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