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Silence Isn't Golden: Practicing the Art of Communication

Updated: Apr 2

Ouzinkie and Communication Infrastructure
Ouzinkie and Communication Infrastructure

It’s a culture shock to go from an isolated community of obscurity to High School or University in a busy city. It takes more than outdoor skills and survival technique to navigate the pressure, stress and sometimes critics. Solid relationships and teams must be developed before taking the leap. And that is why Ouzinkie villagers have been developing communication in their youth and culture.

Silence isn’t golden and it surely doesn’t mean consent, so the people of Ouzinkie have been practicing the art of communication. They understand that if there is a narrow sphere of communication, and we only communicate with people who agree with us, we miss the massive opportunity to evolve and learn. They understand that having good ideas in a small, isolated community can be frustrating and discouraging without the environment to make it successful.

That is why the development of a community center through the Internet Café will push the effort and initiative to another level for the Ouzinkie villagers, young and old.

Bringing an isolated southwest Alaskan community together is a complex ongoing process. It requires commitment from both community members and external stakeholders to address the unique challenges and needs of the community. By focusing on communication, infrastructure, cultural preservation, economic opportunities, collaborative decision making, social support networks and education, Ouzinkie is working towards building a stronger and more cohesive future.

Effective communication is crucial in bringing the community together. This includes both formal channels, such as community meetings and newsletters, as well as informal channels, such as social gatherings and online platforms. Regular communication helps build trust, share information, and foster a sense of belonging.

Contact us if you would like to participate in the building of communication infrastructure at Ouzinkie, Alaska.

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