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Alaskan Community Influence on YouTube

Becoming an influencer on YouTube requires some specific strategies. Here are some steps to consider:
Identify Your Niche
Create content around your niche or topic that represents your community and that you are passionate about. This could be showcasing the natural beauty of your village or island, sharing traditional culture, and highlighting local businesses and initiatives. This will help attract a dedicated audience.

Create High-Quality Content
Invest in using tips and equipment, iPhone etc., in ways that create visually appealing content that is well produced and engaging. 

Tell Compelling Stories
Focus on stories that resonate with your audience. Highlight unique aspects of your community and share personal experiences. Storytelling creates an emotional connection with your viewers.

By consistently uploading new content to your YouTube channel, you will begin to build a loyal audience. Weekly, bi-weekly - or monthly.

Videos can be optimized for search engines just like a website. Research keywords and phrases that are relevant to your content and incorporate them into your video titles, descriptions and tags. This helps the videos appear in search results and attract more viewers.

Engage with Your Audience
Actively responding to your audience, asking for feedback, incorporating viewer suggestions helps engage your followers and increase your influence.

By collaborating with other YouTubers in your community who have similar target audiences will help you tap into an existing fanbase, (like hydroponics in Alaska) and expose your YouTube channel to new viewers. Also, appearing as a guest on their YouTube or having them on your YouTube is a great way to collaborate.

Promote Your Channel
Actively promote your YouTube channel on other social media platforms, your website, and through local networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Create Events
Through workshops and events, you will learn of opportunities and discover valuable insights that inspire creation of appealing content. Go viral!


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