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Video Content Strategies

Creating YouTube episodes for a small Alaskan community can be a fun and engaging way to showcase unique aspects of the community. 

Define Your Content Strategy
Determine your focus and theme of your YouTube episodes. Highlight hunting and fishing events, outdoor activities, cultural traditions and interviews with community individuals. Choose one category as your focus point.

Plan Your Episodes
Create a content calendar and outline the stories you want to cover. Consider the season when you do your calendaring so that the episodes align with community events.

Gather Equipment
You might want to invest in some basic video equipment to ensure the episodes have good production quality. Using an iPhone will work too as long as the audio is good quality. Use a tripod for stability or a handheld gizmo (lots of them online) and a microphone for clear audio.

Script of Outline
You might want to script your episode or create a loose outline to follow. This can help smooth flow and concise delivery for a more natural feeling.

Choose you location of interest and practice filming an episode covering the content of interest. Finished episodes will need to be 3-5 minutes long. Leave enough footage for editors to trim. Avoid using music as the editors will find royalty free music when necessary. 

The editors will approve, finalize and upload your video to the SIDCO YouTube channel. These episodes will be promoted on the SIDCO website and YouTube channel. 

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